A funky change of scenery!

06 December 2017

It was Derek’s 9th day today and so far he’s spent his entire time around Bellevarde and in Tignes, so we decided on a ‘funky’ change of scenery today. Chris came along as well and we warmed-up with a piste cruise down La Daille before jumping on a bus and heading up to the Laisinant Express en-route to the Pissaillas. The landscape on the glacier is quite remarkable at the moment and I wanted Derek and Chris to see it before it starts to snow, and we dove into the 3300 and picked our way down through the rocky patches and were rewarded with some pretty good skiing. We then took the up-and-over to try the top of the Arcelle thinking we’d ski the top third before ‘skinning’ out but we ended up skiing the Marmottons right to the bottom! (See photos) I was surprised that we could ski to the valley floor with such a thin base and we miraculously didn’t touch any rocks as that sector is mostly grass!

I’d like to thank Tilly and Catherine for a superb evening last night as they were entertaining their merry band of touring friends. There was Jean Marc, Roy and Marilyn, Tom and Sue, Jo and David, Johnnie Alpine, Mike and Laura, Chris E, Richard Finlay, and of course Tilly and Catherine. (I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone) The girls cooked pork trislussik pipkin (don’t ask me but it was spicy and delicious!) and a brilliant monkfish Thai curry. It was a fantastic evening with wonderful food, great banter and cracking good company. Thanks very much ladies!

Tomorrow is supposed to be our last sunny day before snow moves in tomorrow night and Friday. It has been forecast to snow all next week, but Meteo France are unfortunately now backing off on the ‘all next week’ bit, so fingers crossed that we get enough snow to get the off-piste up and running properly. Stay tuned!

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