Bloody wind!!!

08 December 2017

Ten to fifteen centimetres fell overnight and Dave and I profited with a fantastic run down La Daille to the Funival with a perfectly smooth base and 15 cm’s of cold light snow on top. We were the only skiers and I mentioned to Dave that we could go home now because the morning wasn’t going to get any better! We managed to find clean snow on our second run but then it was totally done and we needed to search around a little bit more. Chris joined us and we cut a track to Bonnevie’s Drag from Tommeuses (see photos) but after a couple of runs Monsieur Bonnevie showed up with his rat-track so that was the end of that! We played off the Verte a little then headed down and skied the avalanche path to the bus stop to finish and it was a pretty good morning in tough conditions.

I haven’t mentioned the wind yet but it was blowing a gale on the summit of Bellevarde. Fortunately the air temperature wasn’t too cold or it would have been bitter, but it was really difficult for children and beginners as you couldn’t see while being bombarded with snow/ice pellets. It’s a shame for JM and Thomas’ touring groups as it was their last day today and with wind and flat-light it won’t have been the easiest, but they’ll go away happy as they’ve had a great week. Bravo boys!

You might not recognise us this season as our new uniforms have arrived and we’re looking a little more colourful to say the least. I’m very pleased with it all as the ‘black- trousers- look’ was starting to get a little dull.

Fingers crossed that this wind dies down and we get a significant snowfall because last night’s snow hasn’t really changed anything off-piste. Stay tuned!

PS And thanks to Dave Carr for a great meal last night!

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