Blimey, that was chilly!!!

09 December 2017

It certainly wasn’t a day for the faint-hearted as it was -19C on the summit of Bellevarde and blowing a gale! Any exposed skin was instantly frostbitten and somehow Catherine, Dave, Johnnie Alpine and I managed a cracking good morning and skied until 12:35! We wouldn’t have bet on lasting that long after the first five minutes! Anyway, we skied some piste, had some lovely runs in the trees at the bottom of La Daille, a couple of good goes on Bonnevie’s Drag and we finished with the first Lower Familial of the season. Bravo team for a great effort!

Chris is out there somewhere skiing with Trevor Newland’s team and we haven’t seen Trevor in years. (Blimey, tough first day back!) Pietro’s ski suit and boots were in the hallway when I returned for lunch so I’m not too sure how long he and Fiona lasted this morning but it was a chilly one to say the least this morning.

Red Ray emailed yesterday to report that 160cm’s of snow was on the way but two days into this promised dump and not that much has fallen, and the main factor so far has been high winds and for the most part flat-light. Fingers crossed that the snow does arrive or it won’t be that merry of Christmas!

Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

PS West Ham 1 Chelsea 0 Can you believe it !!!!!!!

PPS Gill and the girls are in London visiting Michelle and Cassius, have fun everyone!

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