Serious snow has finally arrived!

10 December 2017

Red Ray’s forecast is starting to look pretty accurate as it has it started snowing early this morning and it has dumped all-morning long, and 40 to 60 cm’s are expected during the day! With any luck we’ll see up to a metre today and tomorrow. So far this season the only danger we’ve had off-piste has been the rocks lurking under the surface but now we are about to enter our first serious period of high avalanche risk. Besides the heavy snowfall 80 to 110 km/h of gusting winds are predicted so we’ll have a huge amount of transported snow to go along with the snow falling out of the sky, and all of it landing on an unstable base.

It was Michael R’s first morning today and Michael lasted until about 10:30 when he sensibly called it a morning after some great skiing, and Dave and I only lasted one more run and Dave called it around 11:30, which was fine by me as the pistes were starting to get bumpy and quite horrible and with white-out conditions I wasn’t going to venture too far off-piste.

I’ve a football extravaganza today at Johnnie Alpine’s this afternoon with Big Sam v Jurgen at 3:15, followed by Man U v Man City, and all topped off with a steak dinner. Thanks in advance John!

Who knows if we’ll be able to ski tomorrow as this is looking like an extremely important snowfall and if the wind does get up there will be some serious work to be done on the part of the piste service tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Needless to say I’ve been relishing the Hammers win yesterday!

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