One metre and counting!

11 December 2017

It continued to snow all day yesterday and bravo to JM and Chris who were both out there until 4:30! Chris ended up staying at my place last night because they closed the road to the Laisinant and he was worried about missing work today, but they did manage to reopen the road this morning for cars and buses only. There were gusts of southerly winds last night up to 110km/h and it warmed up significantly in the village with drizzle to about 2300 metres. Although it didn’t do much for today’s skiing the warmth and rain will have done wonders for stabilising the snowpack, and it’s exactly what we needed.

As for today’s skiing I didn’t even attempt one turn off-piste and that must be a first! Michael is here for 6 weeks and certainly didn’t want to noodle himself on day two, and Dave is a survivor who values his knees so we spent the morning working on technique. Meanwhile Chris and Jean Marc have groups for the entire day, while Thomas and Pietro are on all-day with the ski club. Good luck to you all!

Water is dripping off the roofs in town today but it is forecast to cool back down to -6C tonight with up to another 50cm’s of snow. The skiing should be much better tomorrow and with any luck we’ll get some decent visibility, but with an avalanche risk of 4/5 we’ll be taking it easy and as Henry would say, “be looking for low hanging fruit!” Stay tuned!

PS The piste service did a pretty good job this morning and had the place running by 9:45, although it was a very limited opening.

PPS Apparently Tignes was pretty much shut down all day long. Chris seems to think it might be because of the avalanche problems they had last year when the Balme dropped onto the piste and perhaps they’re being extra cautious? Who knows but we were lucky to have some much to chose from today, even with a limited opening. Go Val!

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