See you at Le Petit Danois!

12 December 2017

After a transition-type of day yesterday where the off-piste was really difficult and not worth risking ones knees over the conditions today were drastically better and for the most part quite stunning. The temperature dropped overnight which helped to dry out the snow and with another 15cm’s of fresh snow overnight we had some fantastic skiing. The avalanche risk is still 4/5 so it was a question of finding great skiing without tackling anything steep enough to slide and all the boys had a wonderful morning without taking any chances. (See photos)

I had the pleasure of a couple of new skiers today as Johnnie Alpine recruited Irish John and Barry L. Barry’s son Giles works with TDC and has been here for many years and it was great to have you both along!

There was a little slide yesterday where a guide was buried for 6-minutes but fortunately he had given his group a search-and-rescue session in the morning and they were able to find him and dig him out in time. It was a reminder to the rest of us that it is unstable and to be satisfied with what’s on offer and to keep ‘searching for the low hanging fruit!’

Jean Ribart stopped by the Gourmandine this morning to say hello and he was off with Richard H to start his season. It was great to see you Jean and I look forward to skiing with you later in the season.

Paul and Hugo from the Killerbeez are playing at Le Petit Danois today at 5 o’clock so I’m really looking forward to that. It’s late notice so I’m trying to rally the troups and if you’re in town I hope to see you there! Stay tuned!

PS My girls arrive one week tomorrow. Yahoo!!!

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