Team 'Bionic' !!!

13 December 2017

Another cold night helped to further dry out the snow and with some sunshine we all headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery. I’ve skied every day so far this season and it was only my third trip to the Pissaillas so far, and that’s saying something as we usually live up there at this time of year, but the last snowfall has turned a rock-infested-ski-at-your-own-risk sector back into a powder paradise! Chris, Andreas, Jean Marc, Thomas, Pietro and I all enjoyed a stunning morning and because we did some short ‘skins’ we all had our peace and quiet. (See photos)

It was Johnnie Alpine’s son Rob’s birthday today and Rob just showed up hoping for a place and gave himself a very happy birthday! Cheers Rob and enjoy the rest of the day!

My girls arrive next Wednesday so I’ve some preparations looming (but of course I don’t want to peak too early) and my nephew Wils is coming to stay tomorrow night. I’ve a lot to do so I’ll stop now but I must say I’m looking forward to West Ham v Arsenal at John’s tonight. Come on you Hammers!

More snow is expected tonight and hopefully the wind won’t become the main factor!

PS I forgot to mention my bionic team today. We had Irish John with two McMinn hips, Jim with a new hip this summer, Barry with a new knee this summer, me still going strong on my McMinn hip, and Michael R who is full of metal! What a team!

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