A decent result on a tough day!

14 December 2017

After two days of sunshine and fantastic powder snow it was back to flat-light and high winds this morning, and because of the violent wind a very limited opening. There were gusts of 110km/h on Solaise at 5:30am and the wind was a major factor today but thankfully the air temperature wasn’t too cold and the wind was bearable. With all that said I thought we did a pretty good job making the most out of a pretty tricky day and the troops went home happy! (see photos)

We might get some sunshine tomorrow which would help enormously because a lot of yesterday’s perfect powder and been worked over by the wind and is rather ‘educational’ in places but it would be much easier to ski positively with good visibility. Fingers crossed on that one.

Katie has been having a fantastic time at her gymnastics club and has been making some serious progress. She’s linking up back-flicks and lay-outs and I miss watching her on Tuesday nights. Bravo Katie and see you soon!

I added to my update yesterday about my ‘bionic’ team of skiers. As it turns out I short-changed Irish John because besides having two McMinn hips he also has an artificial knee. That’s some serious hardware!

I went to see Paul and Hugo from the Killerbeez who are now playing under the name of The Guinea Pigs, and I must say that they really miss Ben and the electric sound they had together. They’ve gone acoustic and because they don’t have a van Hugo has a tiny little drum kit and he can’t spread his wings and play with the same width ferocity as before. Paul played a lot of chords and didn’t do very much finger picking which he is brilliant at, and they played pretty much all new music that I haven’t heard them play before. I think they’ll need to play more of their old classic crowd-pleaser’s to engage the crowd but hopefully they will in the future as Tuesday night was a bit of an experiment in front of regular listeners. With all that said they were still brilliant as they are very talented boys and you can see the joy of playing together on their faces. I’ll still go every week and I’m sure they’ll get their acoustic act together and polished before too long.

Thanks to Johnnie Alpine for another stunning curry last night followed by West Ham hanging on by their fingertips for a very valuable point against a very frustrated Arsenal side!

Besides Gill and the girls coming next Wednesday, I have my niece and nephew Rosie and Wils coming with their dad Rob, Millie and my golf coach James coming, and Paul (our Club Captain) and his lovely family coming as well so I’m in for lots of company in the next couple of weeks.

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