A proper 'maximim-turn' morning!!!!!

15 December 2017

Yesterday we skied and a howling wind with flat-light and the snow was compressed for the most part with a bit of a ‘bite’ to it, but today was a totally different story! The wind died down and it must have snowed at least 30cm’s overnight and today was a full blown ‘maximum-turn’ morning of extremely high quality. My team skied La Daille top-to-bottom in beautiful deep snow to get started, then two Fontaine Froide’s, two Bonnevie’s drags, under the Mont Blanc, two Triffolets to the bottom, the Epaule du Charvet, and then the L to finish. All the boys were in the neighbourhood and had stunning skiing with Andreas getting on the Face du Bellevarde just as it opened and Jean Marc giving us the ‘heads-up’ on the fabulous Epaule du Charvet. (Unfortunately my photos are a little ‘soft’ today but you’ll get the idea!) And I forgot to mention that the sun came out and we enjoyed some excellent visibility for the most part, which allowed us to really rock an’ roll.

More snow is forecast for tomorrow and we’ll wait and see. Stay tuned!

PS Thomas did a snow pit for his Ski Club clients and found 60cm’s of gobelets on the upper slopes where the rain didn’t reach. The rain stabilised around 2300 metres and below but not above, which is why the avlanche risk remains 4/5!

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