Flat-light but very good sking!!!

16 December 2017

Only 2 or 3cm’s of snow fell overnight and with the resort being hit hard track-wise yesterday with the good visibility today was always going to be potentially a trickier day, especially with the overcast skies and flat-light. Chris was back in action after a couple of days off and he and I warmed-up in some fantastic snow off the Marmottons express, where we had some pretty good vis as well. We were thinking of heading to Tignes but at the last minute did a U-turn and had some great skiing off the Epaule du Charvet followed by a brilliant run in the Arcelle with just enough vis through the gloom to not noodle ourselves! We then finished off with a good run off the top of the Super L, and it was a great morning back for Dave Stockill who hasn’t skied with us for a few years now. Pietro and Thomas are finishing their last day with the Ski Club today while JM is still entertaining his touring group.

I had the pleasure of my nephew Wils along today and he’s become a cracking good off-piste skier. His sister Rosie and dad Rob arrive later this afternoon, and Millie and my golf coach James arrives as well, along with our Club Captain Paul and his family. With the girls arriving on Wednesday it’s all happening at the moment.

Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

PS Blimey, the cricket is depressing!

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