Wow, that was outstanding!

17 December 2017

Pietro has headed back to Italy, Jean Marc was having a much deserved day off, Andreas and Thomas were doing time with the races, Henry is still not in action, and that left just Chris and I this morning, and boy, what a morning it was! The light was much better than forecast and with a little fresh snow overnight we warmed-up with a cracking run down the Fontaine Froide before opening up a stunning Tour du Charvet to TJ’s Shoulder. It was wonderful to be there without a track on the mountain and the snow quality doesn’t get any better. Next up was a fantastic run down the Marmottons but on the ride back up the Manchet Express it was evident that it was becoming busy so we had a run on the top of the Marmottes before skiing the Solaise piste and heading back to finish the morning with another brilliant Tour du Charvet. (See photos) Friday was a great day but today has to be my favourite of the new season so far!

I skied with Jack (who has been Millie’s Junior Mixed golf partner) and his younger brother Jamie for an initiation to off-piste while Chris had James and Lawrence who were new off-piste skiers as well, so we teamed up together and took them all for a Tour du Charvet, which is a good as ‘initiation’ as you’ll get!

John E has just arrived and had a great day with Jean R and RichardH, and Chrissy has been here for a few days as well and she’s skiing really nicely from what I’ve seen so far.

Hammerland is a much happier place at the moment after our much improved form and hopefully we can keep it going against Newcastle next week. Stay tuned!

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