What a long day that was!!!

19 December 2017

Sorry for the late update but I’ve had a bit of a hectic day! The sun was out this morning and we savoured another brilliant day of powder skiing with a great mix of slopes. We warmed-up with the Tour du Charvet towards TJ’s Shoulder, followed by a good piste bash en-route to the Fornet where we skied an excellent Combe du 3300 before ‘skinning’ out, followed by our first Col Pers of the season. Jean Marc was the first in early this morning and I arrived at the Col at about 12:15 and there were still only about ten tracks over the Col. I knew I was a little late but after some fantastic skiing down to the Grand Torsai it was very rocky down below and we needed to pick our way down very carefully and it turned into a pretty good adventure as I didn’t arrive home until 2:40. That put me in a rush to get down to Borg and do a huge Christmas shop and get back in time to meet the Sutherland’s, James, Wils, Rosie, Jamie and Rob, and other regular’s for the Guinea Pigs at Le Petit Danois. Then I had a quick burger with Adam before unloading the car and putting away all the groceries. It’s now 10PM and I’m just doing the blog and photos.

Andreas headed to Tignes and had a great morning, Thomas was around Bellevarde and the Charvet with his initiation team, Chris and JM where at the Fornet and Henry was back in action as well today.

I must say that the Guinea Pigs were brilliant tonight! I’ve adapted to it being acoustic and they played with incredible energy, passion and they are ‘tight’ together and read each other’s next move with perfect timing. Paul has a fantastic ‘rock’ voice and Hugo is a great drummer and fun to watch. Anyway, a big thumbs up for the Pigs!!!

I’d better get ready for bed as I’ve a long day tomorrow and pick the girls up in Geneva around 9:50, so it will be a late one. Stay tuned!

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