Picking up the girls tonight!!!

20 December 2017

There were two factors that changed my plans today (and everyone else made adjustments as well) and the first was Meteo France bumping up the avalanche risk to 4/5, and the second was high north-easterly winds at altitude. The avalanche risk was a pain because no one felt it was a 4/5 day but if you were ever to have an accident on a day with a 4 rating you’d be in serious, serious trouble and an unnecessary 4 rating takes the wind out of your sails. So we all took it easier than we might have done and moving on to ‘Plan C’ turned out to be a fantastic ski around the Motte. After some great snow off the Verte we skied under the Borsat chair en-route to the Lower Borsat and the meadows into Tignes, then a Genepy with a 20-minute ‘skin’ to the Little Borsat West, then a Lower Cairn before finishing with an outstanding Altiport. We did a lot of skiing today and the snow quality was absolutely top notch! Chris and Thomas were in the neighbourhood while Andreas headed up into the wind at the Fornet and was rewarded with some great skiing in the Combe du 3300, the Pays Desert and a trip over the Col. He had some people from Chamonix who’d never seen the Col Pers before so a trip to the Fornet was a must. Jean Marc went for a little ‘skin’ and I won’t say where as I’m planning on skiing there in the next day or two and as times start to become more difficult we’re getting close to ‘code-mode’!

I’m picking up the girls at 10:30 tonight so I’m in for another long day but it’s going to be wonderful to have them here and they are so excited with the amount of snow we have. This time last year our terrace didn’t have any snow at all and this Christmas it looks like a Winter Wonderland!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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