Welcome back Millie and Shred!!!

23 December 2017

It was Millie’s first off-piste morning of the season and I’d saved her a double ‘skin’, which went down a treat. Chris and I both retraced part of what we did yesterday and added another dimension today making for a great morning out. (See photos) It was also ‘Shred’s’ (our secretary Louise’s) first day off-piste and she had a fantastic time and is now back in the saddle! Meanwhile Jean Marc was up at the Fornet ‘skinning’ on his last morning in town, Andreas was in Tignes and Thomas had the morning off. I’m not too sure what Henry is up to these days but he has started skiing.

I had a great piste cruise this afternoon with Gill, Millie, Katie and Ray and it was great fun as the piste quality was top-notch and being Saturday it was empty enough to really let rip! We were going for a powder ski but the Borsat was closed so that was the end of that.

It’s 1-1 at half-time and a Hammers win today would be a serious step in the right direction as we’ve been on a great run and need to keep it going. Newcastle are also desperate so it should be a tough second half! Come on you Hammers!

More sun is forecast for the next two days before snow moves in on Boxing Day. Stay tuned!

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