First Lavachet and Sachette of the season!

24 December 2017

It sun was out in full force today with 11C forecast at 2000 metres, which is pretty jolly warm for this time of year. The heat will help to stabilise the snow-pack but will put a crust on the sunny exposures making those slopes no-go zones. The extremely warm temperatures will also bring down some of the slabs hanging above the Charvet exit and the lower Sache. It’s a good thing we skied the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup yesterday when they were still beautiful light powder because after today they won’t be nearly so good. We have one more day of sunshine to go before the snow arrives and with it a fresh ‘canvas’.

Today Chris and I skied the Lower Lavachet and ‘skinned’ out because the turns at the bottom were too good to ignore and then we headed for the first Sachette of the season. Chris did a great job opening it up as no one had been across the couloir all season long and it always adds to the ambience when you know you’re the first in. Well done Chris. Henry was in action today but I have no idea where he skied, JM has returned home for Christmas and Andreas and Thomas had the day off.

I’ve had some trouble uploading the photos but I’m now starting to have some success. Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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