Snow is on the way!

26 December 2017

We needed to be quick this morning as the sun was shining first thing but the forecast was for clouds to move in and the skies to become overcast by mid-day, and that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Some people weren’t at their best today as the festive season has taken its toll but we had a great morning out although we had flat-light for the first time in over a week. Chris and I had a morning in the Sachette with a couple of little ‘skins’, Andreas skied Mickey’s Ears and Thomas was up towards the Fornet.

A huge gypaete flew overhead this morning and it turned out to be three of them, which I haven’t seen before. I’ve seen them in pairs but Chris figured that they must have been a family. I managed a few photos although they are a little ‘soft’.

It’s been a great Christmas with the family and the skiing so far for Gill and the girls has been much better than last year. Up until now the sun has been shining, the pistes have been excellent without too many other skiers about, and Millie has been able to ski in my group four times. We’ve also had a couple of fantastic evenings at home with lovely meals and lots of laughs, and the girls were extremely happy with their presents. Me too as I received much more than expected and a special thanks to Liz and Fred!

Snow is forecast for the next couple of days, which is well-timed because we’re in need of snow now as the resort is tracked-out. Fingers crossed,stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

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