Happy Birthday Johnnie Alpine!

27 December 2017

Today had ‘stinker’ with a capital ‘S’ written all over it with grey skies and flat-light, no new snow to work with, everything accessible completely tracked-out, and I must admit to feeling like I’d be spending the entire morning on piste working on technique. But like most ‘low-expectation’s’ mornings it turned out much better than expected and I thought it was a cracking good ski considering. We skied a Lower Borsat, followed by the Altiport into the trees in the Little Lavachet, then a ‘sniff’ off the Chaudannes and another Altiport to finish. In fact Harry thought that the Lavachet was better than anything he skied last Christmas, which says that it was pretty good and that the skiing last Christmas sucked! I’m glad you appreciated it Harry!

As I write at 2PM it’s trying to snow and we are expecting up to35cm’s tonight, which would be fantastic and kick-start the second half of the holiday period. I must say that during the last two weeks the skiing has been excellent and it would be great to receive a fresh canvas for the New Year period. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS Good luck to Thomas who is out there all day!

PPS Millie is out walking five dogs with her friend Charlotte and Katie is going to a magic show followed by dinner at the Roxy Burger Bar with her pal Anna, while Gill and I have drinks with Gill’s friend Gemma and her family, and Andreas and Victor have hockey matches tonight. It’s all happening!

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