Some bonus sunshine this morning!!!

29 December 2017

I did use the ‘f-word’ this morning but for a totally different reason than anticipated. We were expecting cloudy skies and when I looked out the window to see clear blue skies I was deliriously happy as it was game on to head to Mont Roup and stay warm on another cold day. Chris and I ‘skinned’ to a mini-Crete du Genepy to find some lovely pockets of snow that were protected from the violent winds of yesterday and then on to Mont Roup where we found some great snow as well. When we were waiting in -15C temperatures for the Olympique to open one wouldn’t imagine that we’d be taking off jackets and hats and actually being hot at times! It did start to cloud over towards the end of the morning but we managed pretty good light for the most part. Meanwhile Andreas headed to Tignes for the Chardonnet and Sache, and Thomas and Henry were out there somewhere as well.

It is forecast to snow tonight and tomorrow so cross your fingers on that one as we’ve been promised snow all week and it hasn’t really happened yet. Stay tuned!

PS It started snowing around 3PM and Meteo France is forecasting 1 metre of snow over the next 36-hours! The avalanche risk for tomorrow has already been raised to 4/5 in anticipation.

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