Blimey, there was too much snow!!!

30 December 2017

After waiting for snow for what seems ages we received about 50 to 60 cm’s overnight and it has snowed heavily all day long. I feel sorry for anyone travelling today because the roads must be an absolute nightmare congestion-wise as well as very dangerous!

Solaise opened at 9:50, which was pretty good considering, and Thomas, Chris and I were all up in good time and had a brilliant first run in seriously deep snow. We then went up Bellevarde but the skiing became more and more difficult as it warmed up and the snow became heavier by the minute. After about five runs on Bonnevie’s Drag we cut under Mont Blanc to the Tommeuses piste and skied to the bottom and called it a day. Everyone came through the morning unscathed, which was a result in itself, and everyone had a fun but tough morning.

Clear skies and a colder night are forecast so we should have much lighter snow with good vis tomorrow, although the avalanche risk will remain high.

I’m lucky with tomorrow’s forecast as I’m taking the girls and Ray down to Geneva after skiing and thank goodness they aren’t travelling today! Stay tuned!

PS It was the 14th anniversary of Michael R’s accident today. Well done Michael!

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