And I thought yesterday was tough!!!

31 December 2017

You would never imagine the word ‘stinker’ to be associated with 1 metre of fresh snow and clear blue skies but today was probably the toughest day of the season so far. It wasn’t quite a ‘stinker’ but it was difficult and ‘educational’ snow would be being kind. Hats off to Ollie who skied really well today, and Michael R who also acquitted himself with distinction this morning. (See photos)

It’s the girls last day today and I’m about to head down the mountain to take them to Geneva. It’s been a fantastic holiday and I’m already missing them and they’ll be returning early-February with a friend each, which should be fun.

I am thankful to be driving down today and not yesterday as the road conditions yesterday were absolutely atrocious! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and don’t ‘make any promises your body can’t keep’ tonight!

PS There was a avalanche death in the Col des Fours yesterday as six Parisians wanted to spend New Year’s in the refuge. They somewhow made it to the refuge in the extremely heavy snow, flat-light and an avalanche risk off the scale but once there four of them decided on a little ‘skin’ for something to do when the avalanche occurred, killing one.

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