More snow and wind on the way!!!

02 January 2018

I could hear the wind humming in the chimney and rattling the windows last night and with 30 to 40cm’s of fresh snow mixed in it was always going to be a slow and limited opening this morning. Chris, Thomas and I started on Solaise and made our way to the Laisinant and eventually the Fornet while Andreas started on Bellevarde before joining us later on. There was some great skiing to be had in places and not so easy in others but it was another good day in somewhat difficult conditions. (Difficult conditions meaning crowds, slow and limited opening, bus problems, flat-light, some tricky snow here-and-there, and an avalanche risk of 4/5.)

Tomorrow’s forecast is dreadful with 140 km/h winds predicted at 2500 metres so who knows what we’ll be able to do in those conditions! I’m in need of a morale boasting Hammers victory today!

I’ll probably be on my new skis tomorrow as I finished off my beloved 4th pair of Bond/Vertex’s today. It’s a bit tough skiing with an edge hanging out! Stay tuned!

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