Not an easy week for holiday-makers!!!

03 January 2018

I didn’t hear the wind last night and was optimistic that we’d get in some skiing today after Meteo France had forecast a delay in the arrival of the storm, but the wind got up and with it raining up to around 2300 metres it was a no-go this morning! I did one run on the Rogoney with Adam and Tom to try my new skis and to keep my ‘run’ going but anything that wasn’t pisted smooth was dreadful and really quite dangerous for the knees. They did open the Funival but the pisteurs said it was ‘un-skiable’ so I headed home to do paperwork and go to the gym.

Thanks to Richard and Susan for a fantastic evening last night with great wine, lovely food and lots of laughs, and laughs are definitely a good thing during this trying time weather-wise! And to top off my evening the Hammers scoring a 94th minute winner sent me to bed extremely happy!

Another metre of snow is forecast with the rain/snow limit going up-and-down like a yoyo so we’ll have some more testing times ahead over the next few days. Stay tuned!

PS Chris was the star performer today as he stayed out and didn’t get home until 12:30 as he did a beep search with Michael, Leah, Dave and Suzie S and Suzanne. They tried to get up the Funival but by that stage everything was shut down tight.

The road to the Fornet has been closed to all circulation and a significant avalanche has come across the road and is estimated to be between two and three metres deep! Unfortunately they think there is a car underneath and the pisteurs have been up there with dogs and probes. Fingers crossed on that one! Stay tune for more news as it develops.

PS It turns out that the debris was up to six metres deep! As far as I know there was no car involved so that’s seriously good news. What a bummer for the pisteurs who have been working like hell and then needing to probe for hours as well as deal with the idiots on the Face du Charvet a couple of days ago. These people don’t get paid enough!

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