04 January 2018

As predicted we didn’t ski this morning as the resort is in lock-down and the security services are understandably more interested in the security of the village than trying to get the resort open. With an avalanche risk of 5/5 above 2500 and 4/5 below there really isn’t any point.

The roads in town to the Fornet, Chatelard, and the Rue du Balme are closed as well as the road to Tignes and the road to Bourg. The rain limit is forecast to rise to 2600 later in the day, which will help to stabilise the mountain in the long term but doesn’t do much for those who are here now.

It’s 11:28am and the snow has just turned to rain and it’s looking pretty grim out there. Stay tuned for further updates during the day.

I’m just posting a few photos and check out the Radio Val’s photos of yesterday’s avalanche acorss the road to the Fornet. Blimey!

PS 11:36am, back to snow….. just!!!

PPS The Guinea Pigs won’t be playing at Le Petit Danois tonight for obvious reason. Bummer as I was really looking forward to it! I’m thinking of Chris as I listen to Marianne Faithful’s classic album ‘Broken English’. It’s one of his favourites and not for the faint-hearted, brilliant album!

PPS Just dug out Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’. Haven’t heard this one for at least 15-years!

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