At least we were skiing

05 January 2018

After a couple days of sitting around it was nice to get back skiing again today, even with a limited opening and very little to do. The snow lower down had a nasty rain-crust and was to be avoided, while many of the upper slopes were inaccessible, but the mid-altitude slopes off the Verte were really good. Chris and I ended up ‘skinning’ up the closed Borsat piste to get away from the crowds and the snow was pretty good at that altitude but other than that it was a matter of scratching around and making the most of it. After skiing in flat-light all morning the sun has come out this afternoon but it is extremely warm and I don’t think many people will be venturing off-piste.

Thanks to Richard and Susan for a lovely drinks party last night and it was fantastic to see the West Ham result before bed. Stay tuned for hopefully some more stimulating ski news soon!

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