A cracking morning in the sunshine!!!

06 January 2018

Wow, that was more like it! The sun was shining and it made all the difference as we had a ‘maximum-turn’ type of morning. It wasn’t a powder morning but after what we’ve been skiing in flat-light it all felt pretty good. Michael asked me what type of snow it was and I replied, “Good question Michael”. The snow was definitely wind pressed combined with humidity, heat, moisture, rain and who knows what else? But it skied really nicely and had just enough ‘trickery’ in places to keep everyone on the toes and concentrating. For the most part we stayed on the surface but we did have places where we went in and could leave some good tracks. (See photos)

I’m skiing on my new skis and yesterday I had a tough first day on them so I took them into Jean Sports and Thomas put them through the new machine, and I must say they were so much better this morning. Whenever you have new skis don’t just think that they’re perfect and ready to go because they often come out of the factory needing some work. In years gone by you’d never ski on new skis without hand-tuning them and although factory finishes are much better these days it’s not uncommon for skis to need some work. Thanks Thomas!

After a wonderful day in the sunshine we are expecting a retour de l’est and the Fornet could see between one and two metres of snow over the next few days. After all this snow the gorge should be filled in and ready to go but who knows when they’ll be able to get the Glacier open. The Laisinant Express is out of action at the moment due to an avalanche down the Danaides that took about 100 trees with it and some of them have piled into the lift, and it will take another day or two for them to sort it out.

Sorry for the late update but I’ve been to Bourg shopping.

PS TJ arrives tonight!

PPS Unfortunately some of today’s photos won’t upload. I’ll keep trying as there are a few good ones!

PPPS Updated the photos after needing to delte a few!

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