A transition morning as a huge snowfall looms!

07 January 2018

After a glorious day of sunshine that helped recharged the batteries of everyone involved it was back into the flat-light as another huge snowfall approaches. The southerly wind was clocked at 110km/h this morning at 7AM but the wind did die down and although windy on the summits many lifts were operating and the wind wasn’t too cold. It started to snow heavily towards the end of the morning and as I write at 1:15PM big flakes are falling but being buffeted about by the wind and it’s snowing even harder towards the Fornet where between 75 and 150cm’s of snow are expected!

I spent my morning with Richard, Sylvie, Fay, Michael and Tilly working on technique and we did venture off a few times to ski supporting snow with a little soft snow on top. Back in the ‘skinny-ski’ days we’d often work on technique when the weather was bad or the snow was difficult because people needed good basic skills to cope with the conditions, but now days when people struggle instead of working on their fundamental skills they just reach for a pair of even wider skis. Anyway, it made a nice change and was a positive use of a tough morning.

Chris was about but seemed to disappear around 11AM and Andreas went up to the Fornet and skied some nice supporting snow off the Mangard and Pyramid. (By supporting I mean that what was wet heavy snow or rain-crust has now frozen and supports your weight and where it’s smooth is lovely skiing with a few centimetres on top)

Bravo boys for a good showing this morning and tomorrow we should have more to work with. It didn’t snow last night and just started this morning so the only fresh snow today was what fell during the morning and with flat-light it wasn’t the conditions to be wandering too far from civilization! Stay tuned!

PS Yesterday I needed to delete some photos to make room for new ones and going back towards the beginning of the season it’s amazing how good of skiing we had when everyone thought there wasn’t any snow! Well, there wasn’t much snow at all but it was still jolly good!

PPS And thanks Stocky for the coffee machine, it’s fantastic and much appreciated!

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