What a brilliant afternoon!

09 January 2018

As predicted the resort was in shut-down Tuesday morning with all lifts closed as well as all roads in-and-out of town and around town closed, the Sports Centre was closed and it was all pretty delicate as this has become a ‘once-every-thirty-years’ storm and the security services are taking it very seriously.

It brightened up around 9:30, which was a huge relief for everyone trying to secure the village, lifts and roads, especially those dealing with dynamite. We may get some skiing in this afternoon so stay tuned for another update later.

Suzanne and Chris spent the night at my place last night and we had a great evening including drinks upstairs with some of my neighbours. Philip who is about 85 has been in Val d’Isere since 1952 and he always has some good stories of days gone by. I slipped out to finish dinner and it took Chris and Suzanne 30-minutes to extract themselves as they were having a really good time.

This morning we walked around town and took some photos and with it brightening I’m preparing to ski this afternoon and I’m now awaiting a security update.

I ran into Baz this morning and he’s in town for the 20th Anniversary of Dav’s death. Dav was killed in an avalanche 20-years ago today on the Lores. Dav was a fantastic guy and many of his friends are congregating in town this week to remember him. (Photos and the story of the day are in my book)

After walking around town taking photos this morning I was ready to go when they announced a 12:30 opening on Solaise followed by 1PM on Bellevarde. I turned out to be a terrific afternoon with Sally, John and Dick as we skied a few gentle pitches off-piste on Solaise in surprisingly good snow followed by a very positive technique session on Bellevarde in the sun. TJ was out skiing with Mike and I’m sure they had some great skiing because the snow off-piste was very good and with a cold night ahead we should have some fantastic snow tomorrow.

I was disappointed in the behaviour of too many boarders and skiers this afternoon. The security services did their best to get some runs open in extremely high avalanche conditions hoping and perhaps trusting the public to respect the situation, but skiers were traversing into the notorious Spatule and boarders were spreading their wings off the closed Face du Bellevarde. Idiots!

Anyway, with any luck it won’t snow too much tonight and we can get out there in the morning because I’m certain some wonderful skiing awaits! Stay tuned!

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