That was seriously good fun!!!

10 January 2018

The slow opening of 9:25 was quickly forgotten as we were treated to a pretty stunning morning of powder skiing. After a couple of warm-up runs off the Verte we skied two great runs off the Fontaine Froide just as it opened, then hit the Epaule du Charvet for a fantastic run before it became popular. From there the team headed up Solaise and we were first into the Arcelle as the Manchet chair was closed and it was brilliant top-to-bottom. On our first descent we skied it with only three stops so each of the pitches were over 100-turns and everyone’s thighs were absolutely screaming for mercy! It is very rare to be able to ski such long pitches one after the other and it was seriously good fun and a great first ‘Alpine’ ski for Bryon from Dublin, and a return to ‘Alpine’ for Simo. The second time down we spread our wings a little and took our time choosing and skiing pitches, and it was so good Chris and Henry circled back around for a third run! Andreas, Thomas, and TJ were also in the neighbourhood and it was a cracking morning.

I skied with Sally, John and Dick again this afternoon so we started our technique lesson with a trip down the Marmottons before cutting out towards the bottom. The snow was so nice and it was brighter above the Manchet so it just had to be done! We finished up the afternoon with some more traditional-type technique on Bellevarde and I didn’t get home until 4:45.

The road to the Fornet has finally re-opened so Chris and Suzanne will be able to sleep in their own bed tonight. It was really fun having them the past couple of evenings and I have the feeling it won’t be their last camping trip this winter!

The avalanche risk has been dropped to 3/5 and we are expecting some sunshine and good visibility tomorrow, so stay tuned!

PS It was nice to look around to day and see how much of the mountain has purged itself. Very impressive and great news!

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