A lovely Memorial get-together for Dav!

11 January 2018

What a brilliant day that turned out to be! The sun was shining and after so much flat-light everyone was just happy to have blue skies, views and perfect visibility to tackle the snow. There is some great snow around but also slopes of wind-compressed snow and the odd patch of ‘educational’ snow, but it all adds up to great skiing. This morning we headed into the Tour du Charvet onto TJ’s Shoulder, all of which was pretty jolly good although TJ’s Shoulder was tricky, then Chris and I skied the Lower Borsat before heading into Tignes for two off the Genepy. Andreas headed up to see what was happening at the Fornet and I’m not too sure what Thomas, TJ and Henry skied.

This afternoon Chris, Tansy and I skied with the 5-year-olds from the local school and as usual it was really good fun and a rewarding way to do our community service. I had the pleasure of having Michael Rosen assisting me and I think Michael really enjoyed it. Thanks Michael.

Next up was a hot bath and before heading straight up to Le Petit Danois to see the first-set of the Guinea Pigs, and I thought they were fantastic. The first-set was made up of songs I haven’t heard them play before and they have a great connection between them, which is fun to watch and I think they are getting better and better each week. Peter H and Tilly came along, as well as Carol and her team, as well as Chenko and some other regulars, and I’m looking forward to next Thursday night already!

What really made the day special was the Memorial drinks for Dav held at Chez Piers. Dav, who was a brilliant bloke, full of life and only 31-years-of-age at the time, died in an avalanche 20-years-ago this week. It was wonderful to see so many faces that I haven’t seen in years and a lot of those there tonight used to play at my regular Sunday afternoon baseball sessions where we had some fantastic fun often followed by a BBQ, and always followed by drinks. Some people came a long way to pay their respects and to see old friends, such as Alex and his wife Gill who came all the way from New Zealand, and faces I haven’t seen in ages included Baz, Beast, Scott, Bromey, Nipper, and quite a few others. It was great to see Piers, Clare, Cai, Graham and to meet Dav’s brother, and I’m mad at myself for not taking my camera because I’m forgetting quite a few. Thanks very much Piers and Clare, it was a great occasion and I’m really glad that I was there.

We’ll enjoy the next couple of days as the sun is forecast to shine before more snow moves in next week. Stay tuned!

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