Maximum-turns and sheer quality!!!

12 January 2018

After being closed for several days the Pissaillas Glacier at the Fornet opened this morning and with sunny skies we savoured a mega-morning of great snow, long pitches and very few stops. (I guess that adds up to a maximum-turn’ morning!) My team warmed-up with two runs of ‘low-hanging-fruit’ under the Cascade chairlift and with pretty much non-stop skiing top-to-bottom it almost finished us off before we even got started! From there we followed Thomas and Chris into the Combe du 3300 and as luck would have it they opened the drag lift at the bottom just when we thought we’d need to ‘skin’. We then ‘skinned’ up for 10-minutes or so to access the Pays Desert (T-bar still shut) and it was brilliant. By this time we’d already had a huge amount of skiing but because I wasn’t working this afternoon Chris and I decided to head over the Col Pers, and with info from Thomas who had skied down the Grand Torsai earlier we knew we could make it through the gorge, which was a wonderful finish to a stunning morning. Eugene and Anthony went off for a Michelin Star lunch to celebrate as a plate of frites would have been a bit of a let- down after all that! (Chris, Thomas and TJ were all up at the Fornet and everyone went over the Col Pers at some stage) Meanwhile, Andreas and Henry headed off to Tignes and had a fantastic morning as well skiing the Chardonnet Couloir followed by the couloir in the Sachette, both with excellent snow, and I think it would be fair to say that an exceptional morning was enjoyed by all! (See photos)

I’ve never seen so much avalanche debris over the Col Pers before out towards the Lechoir. It must have purged itself from the Point Pers to have travelled so far across the flats and it almost reached the last pitch to the bottom!

Sun is forecast again for tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it already! Stay tuned!

PS And thanks again Piers for hosting Dav’s Memorial drinks last night!

PPS I’ve borrowed some Salomon MTN 88’s from Jean Sport and I must say that they are stunning skis! They are fantastic in soft snow and surprisingly good on the piste and I’ve really enjoyed them. If you’re looking for a new pair of skis I’d definitely try them as they are seriously fun to ski on and I don’t give 10/10 ratings very often! Merci Didier!

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