Le retour de Jean!!!

13 January 2018

The sun shone again today so Chris, Thomas, TJ and I headed back to the Fornet for another excellent morning. Chris, Thomas and I ‘skinned’ out into the Pays Desert for some fantastic snow without too much effort, and then finished off the morning by going over the Col Pers and heading out to the Tour du Lechoir before exiting through the gorge. The snow in the Lechoir wasn’t as easy as the brilliant snow in the Col Pers yesterday, but it was still pretty jolly good and the type of snow you’d kill for at times during the season. (Like three or four days ago!)

Meanwhile Andreas headed up to the Col des Fours with his team and they had a terrific morning with great snow and ambience and were rewarded for their efforts as it’s not a freebie, and Henry was out there somewhere but I’m not too sure what he skied.

It was a pleasure to have Jean R along today for his first ‘Alpine’ ski of the season. His knee held up well and he was pretty pleased with the way he felt and his confidence is growing. He said that he’s lost between 3 and 5 kilos and that it’s made all the difference with his knee. (There is a lesson to be learned for people who are overweight and have knee problems but that is probably a politically incorrect statement these days!.) (See photos)

Sports Report- I’m extremely pleased with the Calgary Flames who have won 6 in-a-row and beaten three of the top teams in the league during that run. My beloved Steelers are in action tomorrow in the NFL Playoffs and of course it’s a huge day for the Hammers as they play Huddersfield in one of those dreaded ‘6-pointers’. Come on boys! And of course Roger will try to defend his Australian Open title that kicks off on Monday and the Ladies LPGA gets started soon as well. So much to look forward to!

Hopefully we’ll have another sunny day tomorrow before it all starts to change and we may see another metre of snow next week. Stay tuned!

PS I quite enjoyed that ’6-pointer’!!!

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