Radio Will announced -8C in town this morning......

30 January 2009

Radio Will announced -8C in town this morning with it forecast to heat up significantly during the day. Will missed his calling and should have been a political reporter/comedian as his opinions on people such as George Bush are incredibly cutting and witty, and as far as I’m concerned, spot on. Anyway Will, I’m looking forward to your next rant! (We’ll only miss George because he was a great source of comic material) And for the skiing, well, it was marvellous again today. TJ and Chris ‘skinned’ to the Glacier Suspendu for a fantastic ski with Derek and Co. in much better shape this morning. They had an early night saving themselves as it is Colin’s birthday session tonight. It’s going to be ugly! Tejina has had a great week with Chris and they’ve worked for their snow, which has been excellent. Jean Marc and I headed up to Mont Roup and enjoyed one of the better ski’s there that we’ve had in quite some time while Andreas skied a Glacier Pers. (Haven’t had a report but I’m sure it was very good indeed and I haven’t heard from Thomas either) More sun is forecast over the next couple of days with the possibility of 10cm’s or so for Monday, but in the meantime there is still some great snow to be skied.

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