What a cracking morning that turned out to be!

16 January 2018

Well, that turned out to be a really fun morning when expectations weren’t the highest! It snowed between ten and fifteen centimetres overnight, which gave us something to play with, and it was snowing this morning meaning flat-light along with a howling that definitely played its part today. We took a face full when exiting the Olympique so Chris, Thomas and I all started on the Face du Bellevarde, which was protected from the wind, and perfectly groomed with 10 -15 cm’s on top, and perhaps even more down low. (See photos) From there we skied a couple of runs on the piste off the Grand Pres before heading down the Epaule du Charvet and into the Santons. My team took the last bubble up Solaise before they closed it for the day (Chris was behind us but they made them get out of their bubble) and we had a coffee before skiing into the L and having it all to ourselves! From there we joined Thomas and Chris up in the Fornet trees where I haven’t skied in ages and it was really good fun. We ended up skiing until one o’clock and a cracking morning was enjoyed by all! (TJ was out there as well but I’m not too sure where he ended up after the Santons.)

Chris, Tansy and I had our afternoons cancelled with the school children as it is pretty wild out there now. The wind is howling in my chimney and it’s a nice afternoon to not be out there! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS It turns out that TJ was up at the Fornet as well.

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