A non-starter today!!!

17 January 2018

It is no surprise that with winds clocked at 190km/h on the summit of Solaise last night that today was going to be difficult. I listened to the wind howling all night long in my chimney and rattling the windows and sure enough today was a non-starter. I walked up to the Gourmandine for 8:45 because I didn’t have a contact for Simmo and sure enough he showed up with skis and boots and ready to go, but the resort remained shut all day long. It continued to gust to 150km/h during the day and we can only hope for better things tomorrow as it is all starting to become a little tedious. Well actually, very tedious if the truth be known! (See photos)

Millie has a Head Prefect interview today so good luck with it Millie, and Katie had a brilliant time at gymnastics last night. I hope the weather sorts itself out before the girls arrive in February because the thought of driving down to the airport in these conditions isn’t very appealing. I’ve been really lucky over the years to get decent enough weather to not need chains but the windows for good driving have been few and far between during the past month, and I was lucky twice at Christmas with the weather when going to pick-up and drop-off the girls.

Thanks to Michael for a lovely evening last night and Chris, Suzanne, Michael and I are invited down to Tilly’s for dinner tonight but I’m not too sure if we’ll make it or not. Stay tuned!

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