Frustrating start but a great finish!

19 January 2018

The wind wasn’t so violent last night but it did start to blow around 5AM and with another 20 to 30 cm’s of fresh snow it took a little while to get started this morning. I took a photo at the bus stop because it looked like another tough day but the lifts opened at 9:30 and we ended up with some sunshine to light the way. It’s amazing during long periods of flat-light that even a little tiny bit of extra visibility gives people a boost and everyone’s skiing seems to improve immediately.

We had another great day on the mountain and between us we skied at La Daille in the trees, the Fontaine Froide, Epaule du Charvet, Henry skied a cheeky lower Banane, we skied into the L, off the Mattis, and the Lower Combe du Signal. Thomas went down to check out the trees in Ste Foy but I haven’t yet had a report.

I thought the Guinea Pigs were great last night and it was nice to see Steve, Tilly, Chrissy and Jim all there and enjoying themselves. The Guinea Pigs are playing again this evening at 5:30 as a Friday night one-off so I hope to see you there!

It’s possible that another metre of snow will fall this weekend but we could use a break in the weather so that the resort can get itself sorted out. There are roads and parking lots to clear, lifts to dig out and some lifts have taken some serious damage during the storms. I heard on the radio this morning that winds of over 250km/h were recorded on the Pissaillas Glacier. I say ‘over’ 250 because the machine can only read up to 250km/h and it was off the scale. Blimey, no wonder there has been some damage!

Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS It was Michael’s last day of his 42-day holiday today and he’s had a great time with an incredible amount of variation in condiditons, and he’ll go home happy as he continues to improve. Bravo Michael, I’ll miss you!

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