More unexpected light!

20 January 2018

That’s the second day in a row that we’ve had unexpected visibility and we all made the most of it. My team was first into the Tour du Charvet and TJ’s Shoulder followed by TJ, Andreas and Chris and we had a fantastic opener with great snow and lovely ambience. Since we were heading to TJ’s Shoulder maybe I should have let TJ go first, but nah, there’s no such things as friends on a powder day! It was great to have TJ along and he picked up Dawn, Chrissy and Carol in the Olympique so he ended up with a great little group and having the company of three lovely ladies. Nice one TJ!

After the tour it was decision time about what to do next so Chris and I ended up circling back for another run as it seemed a shame not to, while Andreas skied the Epaule du Charvet en-route to the Fornet where he had a couple of nice runs in the Lower Combe du Signal, and I think TJ and co headed towards the Manchet but I didn’t have clear radio communication and I’m not too sure where he ended up. Anyway, it was a serious ‘bonus’ morning that will keep us all going, and we may need the spiritual uplift if tomorrow is another tough ‘big-snow-high-wind’ day!

It was nice to have TJ along last night for the Guinea Pigs, who were brilliant again. Alex came along as well as Richard F, Steve and Sandy and I’m looking forward to TJ’s son (and my God-son) Oscar and Russell coming along next week. I love having something to look forward to every week besides the regular living-in-Val d’Isere routine, which isn’t hard to take but the additional music buzz is fantastic and a great change of pace.

I twigged my back taking photos this morning and it’s the first time I’ve done that in ages. I’m off to the gym for a good stretch and some mobilising Pilates exercises to sort myself out for tomorrow.

And come on you Hammers!

PS And a big thank you to Tilly and Jenny for a great meal and evening last night!

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