Another day of paperwork!

21 January 2018

I just remembered that I haven’t yet done today’s update, and there is nothing to report ski-wise as we were shut down again by snow and high winds! It was the 6th morning of the season so far that has been cancelled, and it is getting a little tedious to say the least. It’s stunning beautiful with brilliant ambience, and I’ve never seen so much snow before but the resort can’t take much more. Roads are a problem, parking is a problem, the security of the village is a worry, and several lifts have been damaged. The good news is that after another snowy day tomorrow we should get some relief this coming week so that we can ski and the resort can get so much needed work done.

TJ’s son Oscar had his flight cancelled last night and is stuck in Geneva without a lift up so I thought I’d need to drive TJ down tonight and pick him up around 10 o’clock. But fortunately Doctor Mike has offered to take him down with his 4×4, which is fantastic as it would have been a serious adventure in my car! I’ve snow tyres but only two-wheel drive and these are pretty extreme conditions. Thanks Mike!

I’ve posted a few photos from my wander about town today.

PS Millie has got down to the last three for Head Prefect. Good luck Mils!

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