Unexpected fun!

22 January 2018

We weren’t really expecting too much today as the roads to Bourg and Tignes were closed all night, the Fornet remained cut off from the main village and with an avalanche risk of 5/5 and the black flag flying Chris and I were surprised when Radio Val announced that the Funival would open at 11:30. We both rallied our troops and we all know about these ‘low expectation’ days and this one turned out like so many, brilliant. Well, considering all the snow, wind and cabin-fever it was brilliant! The snow was heavy but very skiable and I was pleasantly surprised at how good the skiing was. But after three runs we called it a day as we’d had the best of it and with the wind picking up, the temperature rising significantly and all the safe options becoming tracked, we stopped while everyone was in one piece. (See photos)

I was skiing along and sensed a bandit at 4 o’clock and sure enough there was a bandit sneaking up on me, and it turned out to be Henry messing with me! It was good to see you out there Henry!

Hopefully TJ’s son Oscar will have finally made it up the mountain. He needed to stay in Geneva last night because of the road from Bourg being closed all night. Looking forward to seeing you Oscar!

Sunshine is forecast for tomorrow so that should make for some very interesting behaviour about the mountain. Stay tuned!

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