What a change in landscape!

23 January 2018

The sun finally came out and it was brilliant to look around the mountains and take in the huge amount of snow that has fallen. Some things have disappeared under snow and the landscape looks very different in places. Today’s main problem was the limited opening, which led to us having very few options. Still, I thought the boys put on a jolly good show and we definitely made the most of it. Considering the wind, rain, amount of snow, an avalanche risk of 5/5 moving to 4/5, and the heat the skiing was pretty good for the most part. The snow was variable but all very skiable although some pitches were more ‘educational’ than others, and you could find rain-crust at lower altitudes if you persisted in skiing to the bottom.

I spent some time clearing my terrace this afternoon and it’s a massive job. I needed to climb on top of the snow and start shovelling away from my building so that I will eventually have somewhere to heave the snow from below. Thank goodness it’s a once in every 35-years event, fingers crossed!

Chris and Suzanne finally made it home after three nights of camping at my place. They’re great company and we had a really good time but I’m sure they’re both looking forward to their cosy apartment and their own bed tonight!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and with it hopefully we’ll get a few more lifts open. Stay tuned!

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