Well, that was a pleasant surprise!

01 February 2018

That turned out to be a cracking good morning and totally different to what I’d planned or anticipated. About 10 cm’s of snow fell overnight so Chris and I were heading up to the Pissaillas to go over the Col and ‘skin’ to the Glaciers Pers, which would have been excellent, but when the Signal Poma was running we totally changed our minds. We ended up skiing a run in the Grand Vallon followed by a run in the Combe du Signal before heading up to the Glacier for a run down the Combe du Geant. It was -10c with high humidity and a bit of a breeze so we all went in for a hot chocolate and warm-up before heading over the Col Pers and out through the gorge. By this time another 5 cm’s had fallen and the snow back-side was great top-to-bottom, although we couldn’t see too much. (See photos) Unfortunately my camera battery died so I missed the ambience shots in the gorge along with the chamois and bouquetin. (It’s amazing how quiet the gorge is when it’s snowing!)

Andreas is still skiing with Gunnar and Tom and they skied the Borsat Nord followed by an excellent run in Andreas’ Garden before circling back around to the Fornet. I’m not sure where Henry ended up we he was skiing around Bellevarde first thing.

It’s Thursday and I’m off to Le Petit Danois later to see the Guinea Pigs. Hopefully they’ll be able to get up the mountain as it’s one of the highlights of the week. See you there and stay tuned as the sun should be back out tomorrow!

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