Ambushed by the cold!

02 February 2018

After a nice little top-up of snow yesterday the sun was out again today, but boy did I get ambushed! We headed up to the Fornet and it was much colder than expected and for the second day in a row I must confess to stopping for a hot chocolate and warm-up. Thanks Bunny for a lovely foot massage/rub to get the circulation going again, I was the envy of many in the restaurant! Anyway, we skied a Lower Combe du Signal, a Combe du 3300, followed by a welcome hot chocolate stop, then some great bonus turns en-route to the Col Pers. Once over the Col we started towards the Lechoir but came across a pitch that was too good to miss so we skied it and changed our plans. Everyone was heading into the gorge so we ‘skinned’ up to the Grand Torsai and had it totally to ourselves and clean top-to-bottom, and it was a great change as we’ve been through the gorge many, many times already this season. Chris and Thomas were in the neighbourhood while Andreas finished off his week with Gunnar and Tom by breaking trail up to the Col des Fours where they were rewarded with some great skiing and wonderful ambience.

We had a brilliant evening at Le Petit Danois last night as the Guinea Pigs were fantastic. Unfortunately towards the end of the gig some drunks took over our space in front of the stage and started spilling beer on Hugo’s drums and themselves, which was a real shame because they spoiled what was to that point a wonderful evening. They are playing again tonight so Sue, Dave, Nikki, Adam, Mark, Daphne, Bunny, Stephen, John, Natalie and a few others are returning for more! It’s also Mike and Ritchie’s evening in the Moris Pub so there is no shortage of live music.

It’s forecast to be cold again tomorrow so I might go somewhere a little warmer, after all I can’t expect Bunny to rub my feet again! Stay tuned!

PS I’ll be adding the layer I discarded earlier in the week! And Jean R joined us for our trip over the Col and it was great to have him along!

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