It's jolly cold out there!

03 February 2018

After being cold yesterday I put on some more layers, dug out my boot-warmers, put on a proper hat and headed to the sun. The sun didn’t last very long mind you as clouds rolled in pretty quickly, which kept it cold but at least we had really good visibility all morning long. I was going to ‘skin’ to Mont Roup with Chris but Penny arrived really late last night and a couple weren’t feeling up for too much walking so we changed plans and headed to Tignes. It probably worked out for the best as we had some great skiing in the meadows leading to the Little Lavachet and pretty good snow in the Lavachet itself, which was a huge bonus because it was dreadful last week! We then ‘skinned’ into the Sachette and had some wonderful skiing right to the bottom and then finished off our morning with the Altiport in the Familial. Meanwhile Chris skied the Crete du Genepy and Mont Roup and both Thomas and Henry were heading off towards the Grande Motte and the last I heard from Henry he was about to ski the ‘Wall’.

It was -17c on the summit of Bellevarde this morning and the cold has certainly dried out the snow and the quality this morning was much improved. The forecast calls for another week of cold weather so don’t get ambushed like I did yesterday and dress up warm because is extremely cold in the shade and in the wind.

Thanks to Sue and Dave for a lovely evening last night. John’s YSE Chalet meals are always excellent and last night was no exception!

I’m starting my ‘clean-up’ campaign as the girls arrive next Wednesday night with their pals Josh and Jas. A huge shop in Bourg is also on the cards so I’ve a bit to do to get everything ready at just the right time!

It’s a big day in the Premiership and the Hammers have a dreaded 6-pointer with Brighton this afternoon. Come on boys, make my day!

Andreas, Tansy, Ness and Victor are down in Albertville watching the Davis Cup tennis, which sounds like a brilliant family day out to me. Have fun!

PS I’ve just dug out The Rolling Stones ‘Hot Rocks’, boy that takes me back!

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