Still great skiing in the Sachette!

04 February 2018

It was another cold morning but it was a few degrees warmer than yesterday, which seemed to take off the bone-chilling ‘edge’ and everyone was more comfortable today. We started off with slightly better light than yesterday and we took advantage of it early on but as the morning wore on the light became flatter and the skiing became a little tougher. I almost went to the Crete du Genepy but decided to do variations of yesterday instead because there was still some great snow waiting so Chris and I skied the meadows to the Little Lavachet then down through the trees before ‘skinning’ out. Another cold night improved the snow even further and the Lavachet was even easier skiing today. From there we ‘skinned’ into the Sachette for some wonderful snow then ‘skinned’ again for a few minutes to access a steep pitch of virgin snow. Unfortunately the surface sloughed as I was skiing and it didn’t leave much snow for Jean, Mike and Penny. Sorry about that but it was fun!

Thomas was out there as well this morning and he was heading towards the Motte to ski off the Balme and Andreas was off this morning but is skiing with the family this afternoon.

And thanks to Simmo and Janet for a great evening last night!

I’m about to head off the gym before getting stuck into my chores. Stay tuned and it looks as if we’ll have a cloudy day to deal with tomorrow!

PS Poor Jean wasn’t happy with the French defeat to the Irish yesterday. He’s convinced that the French deserved to win!

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