It was almost lonely today!

05 February 2018

It was looking like a potentially tricky day with flat-light, and -10c made to feel a lot worse because of a strong foehn wind. I decided to brave the teeth of the wind and went to the Fornet to head over the Col Pers, where we would be protected and fortunately all our necessary lifts were running and we managed to get over the Col. We then ‘skinned’ up the Glacier Pers and were rewarded with fantastic snow and absolutely no one else in sight all morning long. On the way out through the gorge we had three chamois just above us and a little further down a couple of bouquetin, and a wildlife sighting is always a nice bonus. (See photos) Henry came up to the Fornet as well but his team didn’t have skins so he skied the Lechoir before exiting through the gorge. Meanwhile Andreas and Chris headed towards Tignes to ski the Sachette and probably the Lavachet en-route, or perhaps Andreas skied the Chardonnet first? I haven’t heard from the boys so I’m not 100% sure what they skied but they’ll have had a great ski as well.

Michael Rosen (and Henry) will be totally bummed by the Eagles winning the Super Bowl last night but I must say that most neutrals will be absolutely delighted. My friend Tom back in Calgary will be happy as he’s a big ‘anyone-but-the-Pats’ fan! Hope you enjoyed the game Tom!

I must decide in the next five minutes if I’m going to Bourg to shop for the girls’ holiday or put it off until tomorrow? Decisions, decisions? Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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