Thanks for the Super Bowl Piers!

06 February 2018

Today was so much easier than expected because the visibility was extremely good considering a flat-light-overcast day was forecast. After finding fresh snow at the Fornet yesterday I returned again this morning and after seeing some nice strips of snow blown in skied the Combe du 3300, which was good enough to warrant a go in the Pays Desert before heading over the Col Pers and exiting via the Grand Torsai. (See photos) Meanwhile Chris, Andreas and Thomas all went over the Col first thing and the circled back around to ski the Vallonnet or Grand Vallon. (I’m not sure what Henry was up to today)

I’d like to thank Piers and Clare for a great early-evening last night watching the entire Super Bowl highlights without huddles or commercials. It was an absolutely brilliant match and must have been extremely tense to watch live, especially for those like Michael who had a vested interest in it. The Eagles took some serious gambles that all paid off, and they needed to because the Pats do not go quietly. What a game! And thanks to Russell P for the pizzas! It was also nice to see Piers’ boys Torran, who I haven’t seen in years, and Cai who was just a baby when Joe Carter jerked a two-strike pitch into left-field bleachers to give the Blue Jays their second World Series win in a row. Piers was changing Cia’s nappy at the historic moment and I’ll never forget it! It was also great to see Russell P who I haven’t seen in ages and to meet Torran’s girlfriend Rita. Thanks again Piers!

I’m keeping it short today as I need to drive down to Bourg and do a big shop for the girls’ visit! Stay tuned!

PS I received your message Matt but can’t text on my French phone. Haven’t seen Jesse all season and was wondering what she’s up too
? I’ll stop by to say hello and hopefully catch Lara and Ellie at Le Petit Danois for the Guinea Pigs, and have fun in Korea and see you in the spring.

PPS Andreas is playing a couple of songs with the excellent Mike and Ritchie Friday night around 6:15 at the Pub Moris. Come along and support Andreas and have a beer or three! See you there!

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