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07 February 2018

The forecast was for an overcast day so it’s needless to say how delighted we were to wake up to clear blue skies! The vicious wind that has been blowing for the past three days or so died down, so it was game on for another cracking good day. With all the wind we’ve had and very little snow there isn’t that much top quality skiing at the moment but today was exceptionally good and I’m going into ‘code-mode’ so Simon can play ‘Where’s Wayne’. Penny said it was the best day of her season so far and Stocky in Chris’ group seemed rather pleased with himself so it was a jolly good result this morning. Thomas and Henry were in the same sector as Chris and I while Andreas had a small team and was skiing couloirs. He said that the couloirs are starting to firm up and have become ‘no-fall’ zones so he’ll be waiting for some more snow to soften things up little before going back.

I’m off to get the girls tonight and won’t be back until about 1:30AM so I’m pleased sunny skies are forecast for tomorrow! Stay tuned and see you at the Danois tomorrow evening!

PS The announcement for Head Prefect came out today and Millie told Gill she didn’t get anything so Gill and I have been feeling sorry for her all afternoon while we’ve both been doing housework. Then Millie arrives home after school with a new tie and badges and it turns out she go it after all. Dirty trick Mils but well done!

PPS Matt, I left you a message on yesterday’s update in case you missed it?

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