Adults in the Piste Perdue!!!

08 February 2018

I picked the girls up in Lyon last night and arrived home around 1:15AM and must admit to stifling the odd yawn on chairlifts today! The sun was shining again and what a perfect first day for the girls and their friends Josh and Jas!

After several days in a row in the same sector Chris and I decided on a change of scenery, for better or worse, and we had a pretty good day up on the Motte, although the snow wasn’t a patch on what we’ve been skiing lately. Steve and Chris’ group told me that the Piste Perdue was in great nick and really easy so we finished off our morning crawling around on our bellies like little kids. Bravo Inga and Penny especially! It was really good fun but a little trickier than I had imagined.

Pietro is in town working with the Ski Club and I saw him up on the Motte, while Andreas, Thomas and Henry were all out walking and found some excellent snow. It certainly isn’t good everywhere, in fact it’s hardly good anywhere, but there is some fantastic snow about and that’s why I’m in ‘code-mode’. Well done yesterday Simon with your Where’s Wayne guesses!

My new G-3 touring bindings seem to stick after a ‘skin’, almost like they are frozen and they sometimes need some serious force to turn them back into ski mode. Today I made the mistake of taking my gloves off while trying to turn them back into position, and I was grunting and swearing away when they finally released and I punctured a nice hole in my hand. Chris taped me up with his trusty first-aid kit but when I arrived home it started bleeding again while taking off my boots. I ended up with a couple of stitches but fortunately didn’t damage any tendons. I took my skis up to Didier and it’s important to not hold down the safety brakes like with the Dynafit bindings, and he showed me a trick about using a little kick with your boot. The morale of the story is don’t take your gloves off and if your bindings are really stuck, a gentle kick works quite nicely! Thanks Didier!

It’s the Guinea Pigs tonight at Le Petit Danois and don’t forget Andreas is playing with Mike and Ritchie at the Pub Moris Friday night around 6:15! Stay tuned!

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