Well done Josh and Jas!

09 February 2018

It was another cold but sunny day and all the boys spread out around the mountain and we all had another extremely good day, especially as it’s getting pretty tough out there. Bravo boys!

Millie came along in my group this morning and she absolutely loves the ‘skinning’, the powder snow and the ambience of being in the mountains without a load of other people. I took Katie out this afternoon to try her new off-piste gear and we skied a nice Jardin du Borsat Nord before heading home through the Piste Perdue! (See photos) Also well done to Mike Cran’s daughter Sarah who has made huge progress this week, both ski-wise as well as her ‘skinning’!

The girls’ friends Josh and Jas had a great day and are doing really well. Gill and Millie skied with them this afternoon and they skied all the way to the bottom of La Daille on just their second day! Bravo you two!

I’d like to wish Liz a big Happy Birthday and she and Fred a fantastic trip to India. They had so much fun last year with a trip organised through Mary-Anne that they’ve decided to go back for more. Everyone at our house is seriously jealous!

We had a great session with the Guinea Pigs at Le Petit Danois last night and it’s nice to see Gill have a little boogie, and don’t forget Andreas is playing tonight with Mike and Ritchie around 6 at the Pub Moris. See you there and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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