A memorable first 'skin' for Katie!

10 February 2018

It was a special day today as it was Katie’s first ‘skin’ and her first full morning in my group along with her sister and Mum. The plan was to do something simple like a Pays Desert out wide and ‘skin’ back up but conditions were exactly right to do something a bit more adventurous and after asking Jean and Penny if they were up for it we decided on the Col du Montet. We also had along a lovely young lady named J-love (nickname) who was absolutely delightful and what a first ‘Alpine’ morning it was for her! I’d like to say a huge bravo to Penny and Jean because it wasn’t a freebie today as all our turns were earned, and to Katie for a great performance both ski-wise and with the walking! The snow was absolutely brilliant top-to-bottom on both sides and what a memorable first ‘skin’ Katie! (See photos)

Meanwhile Andreas was finishing up a fantastic week with James and Richard and they’ve had a great combination of touring and couloirs, and Thomas was skiing with a member of the French bumps team today who’ll have kept Thomas on his toes! Henry was out there as well and Chris enjoyed a well-earned day off.

Millie and Katie’s friends Josh and Jas are having a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoying our wonderful environment and all that goes with it. It’s fun to watch people who’ve never been here before experiencing the mountains and all this snow for the first time. And they’ve been the most lovely and helpful house-guests as well!

Andreas played a couple of songs with Mike and Ritchie last night and I thought he was excellent. He’s been practising hard over the past couple of years and has made noticeable progress. Bravo Andreas and I look forward to your next appearance!

We are expecting some snow over the next couple of days, which is good news as the resort is completely tracked out. We’ll miss the visibility but I’ll be able to come out of ‘code-mode’! Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

PS And happy holidays to Fred and Liz who are off to India today!

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