Milking it to the last drop!

11 February 2018

It was overcast today with a few flakes floating about but we did manage an excellent ski with great snow and pretty decent visibility. I had Paul W along today with his daughter Alexandra who is new to off-piste and ‘skinning’ and his son Nicholas who has skied with Alpine before as well as having spent Christmas with his dad at CMH, and Alexandra did really well for her first go. Bravo Alex! Millie and Penny were along and Penny has been a real trooper this week as we’ve ‘skinned’ everyday and she’s really done the business. Besides lovely snow we had the mountain to ourselves, which considering how busy it is this week was a real bonus, and we had a few good wildlife sightings as well.

Millie and Katie are off at the pool with Josh and Jas and it’s been a brilliant holiday for everyone concerned. We’ve had some great meals and some after-dinner fun each night, they’ve been to the Guinea Pigs, Josh and I watched the rugby last night, and they’re loving the skiing!

I rarely get ill but seem to have caught the worst cold I’ve had in about 20-years. I’ve done everything my grandma would tell me and doing my best to get rid of it because ‘skinning’ and colds don’t mix!

Hopefully we’ll get a fresh canvas of some sort by morning as I rate the off-piste possibilities at between 3 and 5%. Thankfully within that small percentage we’ve had some stunning skiing and bravo to all the boys! Stay tuned!

PS What a great win for the Hammers yesterday!

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